Rules' hooks

  1. 7.x rules/rules.api.php rules_hooks
  2. 6.x rules/rules/rules.api.php rules_hooks

Hooks that can be implemented by other modules in order to extend rules.


Namesort descending Location Description
hook_default_rules_configuration rules/rules.api.php Define default rules configurations.
hook_default_rules_configuration_alter rules/rules.api.php Alter default rules configurations.
hook_rules_action_base_upgrade rules/rules.api.php D6 to D7 upgrade procedure hook for mapping action or condition configuration.
hook_rules_action_base_upgrade_map_name rules/rules.api.php D6 to D7 upgrade procedure hook for mapping action or condition names.
hook_rules_action_info rules/rules.api.php Define rules compatible actions.
hook_rules_action_info_alter rules/rules.api.php Alter rules compatible actions.
hook_rules_category_info rules/rules.api.php Define categories for Rules items, e.g. actions, conditions or events.
hook_rules_component_alter rules/rules.api.php Alter rules components before execution.
hook_rules_condition_info rules/rules.api.php Define rules conditions.
hook_rules_condition_info_alter rules/rules.api.php Alter rules conditions.
hook_rules_config_access rules/rules.api.php Control access to Rules configurations.
hook_rules_config_defaults_rebuild rules/rules.api.php Act after rebuilding default configurations.
hook_rules_config_delete rules/rules.api.php Respond to rules configuration deletion.
hook_rules_config_execute rules/rules.api.php Respond to rules configuration execution.
hook_rules_config_insert rules/rules.api.php Respond to creation of a new rules configuration.
hook_rules_config_load rules/rules.api.php Act on rules configuration being loaded from the database.
hook_rules_config_presave rules/rules.api.php Act on a rules configuration being inserted or updated.
hook_rules_config_update rules/rules.api.php Respond to updates to a rules configuration.
hook_rules_data_info rules/rules.api.php Define rules data types.
hook_rules_data_info_alter rules/rules.api.php Alter rules data types.
hook_rules_data_processor_info rules/rules.api.php Declare provided rules data processors.
hook_rules_data_processor_info_alter rules/rules.api.php Alter rules data_processor info.
hook_rules_directory rules/rules.api.php Specifies directories for class-based plugin handler discovery.
hook_rules_element_upgrade_alter rules/rules.api.php D6 to D7 upgrade procedure hook for mapping action or condition configuration.
hook_rules_evaluator_info rules/rules.api.php Declare provided rules input evaluators.
hook_rules_evaluator_info_alter rules/rules.api.php Alter rules input evaluator info.
hook_rules_event_info rules/rules.api.php Define rules events.
hook_rules_event_info_alter rules/rules.api.php Alter rules events.
hook_rules_event_set_alter rules/rules.api.php Alters event sets.
hook_rules_file_info rules/rules.api.php Specify files containing rules integration code.
hook_rules_plugin_info rules/rules.api.php Defines rules plugins.
hook_rules_plugin_info_alter rules/rules.api.php Alter rules plugin info.
hook_rules_ui_menu_alter rules/rules.api.php Allows modules to alter or to extend the provided Rules UI.
rules_action_execution_callback rules/rules.api.php The execution callback for an action.


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This file contains no working PHP code; it exists to provide additional documentation for doxygen as well as to document hooks in the standard Drupal manner.