function hook_og_ui_get_group_admin_alter

7.x-2.x og_ui.api.php hook_og_ui_get_group_admin_alter(&$data, $context)
7.x-1.x og_ui.api.php hook_og_ui_get_group_admin_alter(&$data, $gid)

Alter existing group admin menu items.


$data: The menu items passed by reference.

$gid: The group being viewed.

1 invocation of hook_og_ui_get_group_admin_alter()
og_ui_get_group_admin in og/og_ui/og_ui.module
Get all the group admin menu items.


og/og_ui/og_ui.api.php, line 37
Hooks provided by the Organic groups UI module.


function hook_og_ui_get_group_admin_alter(&$data, $context) {
  // Hijack the add people to use a custom implementation.
  if (og_ui_user_access_group('add user', $context['entity_type'], $context['etid'])) {
    $data['add_people']['href'] = 'admin/people/mass-add-user-filter';