function hook_og_ui_get_group_admin

7.x-2.x og_ui.api.php hook_og_ui_get_group_admin()
7.x-1.x og_ui.api.php hook_og_ui_get_group_admin()

Add a menu item that should appear in the group admin page.

1 function implements hook_og_ui_get_group_admin()

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og_ui_og_ui_get_group_admin in og/og_ui/og_ui.module
Implements hook_og_ui_get_group_admin()
1 invocation of hook_og_ui_get_group_admin()
og_ui_get_group_admin in og/og_ui/og_ui.module
Get all the group admin menu items.


og/og_ui/og_ui.api.php, line 17
Hooks provided by the Organic groups UI module.


function hook_og_ui_get_group_admin() {
  $items = array();
  $items['add_people'] = array(
    'title' => t('Add people'),
    'description' => t('Add group members.'),
    // The final URL will be "group/$entity_type/$etid/admin/people/add-user".
    'href' => 'admin/people/add-user',

  return $items;