function hook_og_role_change_permissions

7.x-2.x og.api.php hook_og_role_change_permissions($role, $grant, $revoke)

Give a notification about OG role permissions change.


$role: The role object of the changed role.

$grant: A list of granted permission names.

$revoke: A list of revoked permission names.

1 invocation of hook_og_role_change_permissions()
og_role_change_permissions in og/og.module
Change permissions for a user role.


og/og.api.php, line 135
Hooks provided by the Organic groups module.


function hook_og_role_change_permissions($role, $grant, $revoke) {
  if (!$role->gid) {
    drupal_set_message(t('Global group permissions granted for @role users: @permissions', array('@role' => $role->name, '@permissions' => implode(', ', $grant))));