function hook_og_permission

7.x-2.x og.api.php hook_og_permission()
7.x-1.x og.api.php hook_og_permission()

Add group permissions.

3 functions implement hook_og_permission()

Note: this list is generated by pattern matching, so it may include some functions that are not actually implementations of this hook.

og_field_access_og_permission in og/og_field_access/og_field_access.module
Implements hook_og_permission().
og_og_permission in og/og.module
Implements hook_og_permission().
og_ui_og_permission in og/og_ui/og_ui.module
Implement hook_og_permission().
2 invocations of hook_og_permission()
og_get_permissions in og/og.module
Get all permissions defined by implementing modules.
og_ui_admin_permissions in og/og_ui/
Menu callback: administer permissions.


og/og.api.php, line 17
Hooks provided by the Organic groups module.


function hook_og_permission() {
  return array(
    'subscribe' => array(
      'title' => t('Subscribe user to group'),
      'description' => t("Allow user to be a member of a group (approval required)."),
      // Determine to which role to limit the permission. For example the
      // "subscribe" can't be assigned only to a non-member, as a member doesn't
      // need it.
      'roles' => array(OG_ANONYMOUS_ROLE),
      // Determine to which roles the permissions will be enabled by default.
      'default role' => array(OG_ANONYMOUS_ROLE),