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_og_update_entity_fields og/og.module Update the field values in the entity, to reflect the membership.
_og_ui_get_role_names og/og_ui/ Helper function to get role names.
_og_query_og_membership_alter_conditions og/og.module Recursively replace the fields to their aliases in the query's conditions.
_og_orphans_move og/og.module Helper function to move orphan group-content to another group.
_og_orphans_delete og/og.module Helper function to delete orphan group-content.
_og_field_widget_replace_autocomplete_path og/includes/ Replace Entity-reference's autocomplete path with our own.
_og_features_role_exists og/includes/ Returns rid if role with $name exists, FALSE otherwise.
_og_features_role_dependencies og/includes/ Return a module name providing given role or FALSE.
_og_features_get_permissions og/includes/ Get all defined permissions keyed by permission with.
_og_context_views_page_access og/og_context/og_context.module Helper function to handle views page access.
_og_context_configure_form_table og/og_context/ Helper function to build a group context provider table.
_og_access_verify_access_field_existence og/og_access/og_access.module Verify that the OG field access is attached to the group.
_group_context_handler_entity og/og_context/og_context.module Helper function to get group context from an entity.
theme_og_ui_admin_permissions og/og_ui/ Theme the administer permissions page.
theme_og_ui_admin_new_role og/og_ui/ Theme the new role form.
theme_og_context_configure_form og/og_context/ Returns HTML for a group context configuration form.
og_views_plugins og/includes/views/ Implements hook_views_plugins().
og_views_default_views og/includes/views/ Implement hook_views_default_views().
og_views_data_alter og/includes/views/ Implements hook_views_data_alter().
og_views_api og/og.module Implements hook_views_api().
og_validate_widgets og/includes/ Validate handler; Assert group audience fields reference valid groups.
og_user_roles_action_validate og/includes/actions/
og_user_roles_action_submit og/includes/actions/
og_user_roles_action_info og/includes/actions/
og_user_roles_action_form og/includes/actions/
og_user_roles_action og/includes/actions/
og_user_access_entity og/og.module Check if a user has access to a permission on a certain entity context.
og_user_access og/og.module Determine whether a user has a given privilege.
og_update_7205 og/og.install Add an index to {og_membership} on group_type.
og_update_7204 og/og.install Create cache bins for Entity-cache module.
og_update_7203 og/og.install Update group-audience field to use "OG group" widget type.
og_update_7202 og/og.install Extend the length of permission field in og_role_permission.
og_update_7201 og/og.install Add "language" column to all OG membership's related entities.
og_update_7200 og/og.install Deprecate OG group entity, and add per-bundle roles.
og_update_7101 og/og.install Rename the 'name' column to 'type' in {OG membership}.
og_update_7100 og/og.install Add indexes to og and og_membership tables.
og_update_7001 og/og.install Add group membership entities instead of field data.
og_update_7000 og/og.install Upgrade from Organic groups 6 to 7.
og_uninstall og/og.install Implements hook_uninstall().
og_ungroup og/og.module Delete an association (e.g. unsubscribe) of an entity to a group.
og_ui_views_default_views og/og_ui/includes/views/ Implement hook_views_default_views().
og_ui_views_data og/og_ui/includes/views/ Implements hook_views_data()
og_ui_views_api og/og_ui/og_ui.module Implements hook_views_api().
og_ui_user_access_group og/og_ui/og_ui.module Menu access; Check if entity is a group, and user has permission.
og_ui_update_7200 og/og_ui/og_ui.install Enable VBO module.
og_ui_unsubscribe og/og_ui/ Confirm OG unsubscription form.
og_ui_uninstall og/og_ui/og_ui.install Implements hook_uninstall().
og_ui_theme og/og_ui/og_ui.module Implement hook_theme().
og_ui_subscribe_get_types og/og_ui/plugins/content_types/membership_links/ Get the membership types defined in the pane's $conf.
og_ui_subscribe og/og_ui/ Subscribe the current user to a group.


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