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MigrateDestinationOGMembership class og/includes/migrate/plugins/destinations/ Destination class implementing migration into an OG Audience field.
OgAccess class og/og.test
OgAccessTestCase class og/og_access/og_access.test Test OG access.
OgAccessUseGroupDefaultsTestCase class og/og_access/og_access.test Test "Use group defaults".
OgAudienceFieldAccessOverrideTestCase class og/og.test Test group-audience field access settings.
OgAudienceFieldAutoCreateTestCase class og/og.test Test group-audience field auto-create.
OgAutoCompleteAccessibleGroupsValidation class og/og.test Test for publishing content into group the user is not a member.
OgBehaviorHandler class og/plugins/entityreference/behavior/OgBehaviorHandler.class.php OG behavior handler.
OgBehaviorHandlerTestCase class og/og.test
OgComplexWidgetTestCase class og/og.test Test the complex widget.
ogContent interface og/scripts/generate-og-d6-content.php Organic groups content generation interface.
ogContent interface og/og_ui/scripts/generate-og-ui-d6-content.php Organic groups content generation interface.
OgDefaultAccessFieldTestCase class og/og.test
OgDeleteOrphansTestCase class og/og.test Testing for deleting orphans group content.
OgEntityFieldQueryFieldConditionTestCase class og/og.test EntityFieldQuery FieldConditions with multiple group content entity types.
OgEntityFieldQueryTestCase class og/og.test Test queying group-audience fields using entityFieldQuery.
OgEntityMigration abstract class og/includes/migrate/
OgExampleSelectionHandler class og/og_example/plugins/entityreference/selection/OgExampleSelectionHandler.class.php
OgException class og/includes/
OgFieldAccessTestCase class og/og_field_access/og_field_access.test Test OG access.
OgGroupAndUngroup class og/og.test Test Group content handeling.
ogGroupNoPosts class og/scripts/generate-og-d6-content.php A group without posts.
ogGroupOrphanPost class og/scripts/generate-og-d6-content.php A group post not associated to any other group.
ogGroupPostMultipleGroups class og/scripts/generate-og-d6-content.php A group post associated with two groups.
ogGroupSelectiveState class og/og_ui/scripts/generate-og-ui-d6-content.php Groups with different selective state (e.g. open, moderated, etc'.).
ogGroupSelectiveState class og/scripts/generate-og-d6-content.php Groups with different selective state (e.g. open, moderated, etc'.).
ogGroupThreePosts class og/scripts/generate-og-d6-content.php A group with three posts.
ogGroupUserAction class og/scripts/generate-og-d6-content.php A group with multiple members.
OgMembership class og/includes/ @file Main class for OG membership entities provided by Entity API.
OgMembershipMetadataController class og/ Extend the default OG membership metadata properties.
OgMembershipType class og/includes/ @file A class used for group membership types.
OgMembershipTypeUIController class og/includes/ UI controller.
OgMembershipViewsController class og/includes/views/ "OG membership" entity Views definitions.
OgMetaData class og/og.test Test the Organic groups API and CRUD handling.
OgMigrate7000TestCase class og/og.test Upgrade 7000 test.
OgMigrate7200TestCase class og/og.test Test Upgrade from branch 1.x to 2.x.
OgMigrateAddFields class og/includes/migrate/7000/
OgMigrateContent class og/includes/migrate/7000/
OgMigrateGroup class og/includes/migrate/7000/
OgMigrateMembership class og/includes/migrate/7200/
OgMigrateOgur class og/includes/migrate/7000/
OgMigrateOgurRoles class og/includes/migrate/7000/
OgMigrateRoles class og/includes/migrate/7200/
OgMigrateUser class og/includes/migrate/7000/
OgMigrateUserRoles class og/includes/migrate/7200/
OgNodeAccess class og/og.test Test Group node access. This will test nodes that are groups and group content.
OgNonMembersPublishingContentTestCase class og/og.test Testing publishing content in a group for non members users.
OgPermissionsTestCase class og/og.test
OgRoleRevoke class og/og.test Test the revocation of group roles.
OgSelectAccessibleGroupsValidation class og/og.test Test for publishing content using a select widget.


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