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action.class.php views_bulk_operations/plugins/operation_types/action.class.php Defines the class for core actions. Belongs to the "action" operation type plugin. views_bulk_operations/plugins/operation_types/ CTools plugin. Provides support for core actions. views_bulk_operations/ name = Actions permissions (VBO) description = Provides permission-based access control for actions. Used by Views Bulk Operations. package = Administration core = 7.x
actions_permissions.module views_bulk_operations/actions_permissions.module views_bulk_operations/actions/ Provides an action for creating a zip archive of selected files. An entry in the {file_managed} table is created for the newly created archive, and it is marked as permanent or temporary based on the operation settings. views_bulk_operations/actions/ Passes selected ids as arguments to a page. The ids might be entity ids or revision ids, depending on the type of the VBO field. filefield_sources/sources/ A FileField extension to allow use of files within a server directory.
banner.css devel/krumo/docs/media/banner.css body { background-color: #EEEEEE; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; } /* Banner (top bar) classes */ .banner { } .banner-menu { clear: both; padding: .5em; border-top: 2px solid #AAAAAA; } .banner-title { text-align: right; font-size:…
base.class.php views_bulk_operations/plugins/operation_types/base.class.php Defines the base class for operations. migrate/includes/ Defines the base class for migration processes.
bean.api.php bean/bean.api.php bean/includes/ Bean classes and plugin interface bean/plugins/entity/ bean/ name = Bean description = Create Bean (Block Entities) core = 7.x files[] = includes/ files[] = includes/ files[] = plugins/BeanPlugin.class.php files[] = plugins/BeanDefault.class.php files[] =… bean/includes/ Provides Entity metadata integration. bean/includes/ Defines the inline entity form controller for Nodes.
bean.install bean/bean.install Bean installation routines
bean.module bean/bean.module Block Entity bean/includes/ Bean Functions bean/ Contains callbacks for service resource manipulation.
bean.test bean/bean.test Tests for block.module.
bean.tpl.php bean/bean.tpl.php Default theme implementation for beans. bean/views/ Alter view data for bean block entity. bean/views/ View for the default bean block list in admin UI.
BeanCustom.class.php bean/bean_admin_ui/plugins/BeanCustom.class.php Bean ctools plugin
BeanDefault.class.php bean/plugins/BeanDefault.class.php Default Plugin Class
BeanPlugin.class.php bean/plugins/BeanPlugin.class.php Base Plugin Class bean/bean_admin_ui/ Bean Admin Page bean/bean_admin_ui/ name = Bean Admin UI description = Add the ability to create Block Types in the UI core = 7.x files[] = bean_admin_ui.module dependencies[] = bean files[] = plugins/BeanCustom.class.php configure = admin/structure/block-types package = Bean
bean_admin_ui.install bean/bean_admin_ui/bean_admin_ui.install Install files
bean_admin_ui.module bean/bean_admin_ui/bean_admin_ui.module Bean Admin UI bean/bean_entitycache/includes/ bean/bean_entitycache/ name = "Bean - Entitycache" description = "Integrates the Bean module with the Entitycache module" core = 7.x package = Performance and scalability dependencies[] = bean dependencies[] = entitycache
bean_entitycache.install bean/bean_entitycache/bean_entitycache.install Install functions for the Bean Entity cache module.
bean_entitycache.module bean/bean_entitycache/bean_entitycache.module The Bean Entity cache module. bean/tests/ name = Bean Test description = Creates test plugins for bean core = 7.x dependencies[] = bean files[] = bean_test.module hidden = TRUE
bean_test.module bean/tests/bean_test.module bean/bean_usage/includes/ bean/bean_usage/ name = Bean Usage description = View Bean (Block Entities) Usage core = 7.x dependencies[] = bean dependencies[] = blockreference package = Bean
bean_usage.module bean/bean_usage/bean_usage.module Bean Admin Functions and Display bean/bean_uuid/ name = Bean UUID description = Allow deploying bean blocks through Deploy and UUID modules. core = 7.x dependencies[] = bean dependencies[] = uuid package = Bean
bean_uuid.install bean/bean_uuid/bean_uuid.install Bean UUID installation and schema hooks.
bean_uuid.module bean/bean_uuid/bean_uuid.module Implement UUID/Entity hooks for integrating with deploy and other modules. migrate/migrate_example/ A basic example of using the Migrate module to import taxonomy, users, nodes, and comments. migrate/migrate_example/ Set up for the beer (basic) example.
block--no-wrapper.tpl.php zen/templates/block--no-wrapper.tpl.php Returns the HTML for a block with bare minimum HTML.
block.tpl.php zen/templates/block.tpl.php Returns the HTML for a block.
block.tpl.php mongodb/mongodb_block/block.tpl.php Default theme implementation to display a block. migrate/plugins/destinations/ mongodb/mongodb_block_ui/tests/ name = Block test description = Provides test blocks. package = Testing version = VERSION core = 7.x files[] = block_test.module hidden = TRUE


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