Utility functions

  1. 7.x feeds/feeds.module utility
  2. 6.x feeds/feeds.module utility


Namesort descending Location Description
feeds_cache_clear feeds/feeds.module Resets importer caches. Call when enabling/disabling importers.
feeds_dbg feeds/feeds.module Logs to a file like /tmp/feeds_my_domain_org.log in temporary directory.
feeds_enabled_importers feeds/feeds.module Gets an array of enabled importer ids.
feeds_export feeds/feeds.module Exports a FeedsImporter configuration to code.
feeds_get_importer_id feeds/feeds.module Gets an enabled importer configuration by content type.
feeds_importer_load_all feeds/feeds.module Loads all importers.
feeds_item_info_insert feeds/feeds.module Inserts an item info object into the feeds_item table.
feeds_item_info_load feeds/feeds.module Loads an item info object.
feeds_item_info_save feeds/feeds.module Inserts or updates an item info object in the feeds_item table.
feeds_log feeds/feeds.module Writes to feeds log.
_feeds_importer_digest feeds/feeds.module Helper function for feeds_get_importer_id() and feeds_enabled_importers().


feeds/feeds.module, line 726
Feeds - basic API functions and hook implementations.