Mapping API

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Namesort descending Location Description
FeedsParser::getMappingSources feeds/plugins/ Declare the possible mapping sources that this parser produces.
FeedsParser::getSourceElement feeds/plugins/ Get an element identified by $element_key of the given item. The element key corresponds to the values in the array returned by FeedsParser::getMappingSources().
FeedsProcessor::existingEntityId feeds/plugins/ Retrieve the target entity's existing id if available. Otherwise return 0.
FeedsProcessor::getMappingTargets feeds/plugins/ Declare possible mapping targets that this processor exposes.
FeedsProcessor::map feeds/plugins/ Execute mapping on an item.
FeedsProcessor::setTargetElement feeds/plugins/ Set a concrete target element. Invoked from FeedsProcessor::map().
hook_feeds_parser_sources_alter feeds/feeds.api.php Alter mapping sources.
hook_feeds_processor_targets_alter feeds/feeds.api.php Alter mapping targets for entities. Use this hook to add additional target options to the mapping form of Node processors.
my_module_form_callback feeds/feeds.api.php Example of the form_callback specified in hook_feeds_processor_targets_alter().
my_module_mapper_unique feeds/feeds.api.php Example of the unique_callbacks specified in hook_feeds_processor_targets_alter().
my_module_set_target feeds/feeds.api.php Example callback specified in hook_feeds_processor_targets_alter().
my_module_summary_callback feeds/feeds.api.php Example of the summary_callback specified in hook_feeds_processor_targets_alter().
my_source_get_source feeds/feeds.api.php Example callback specified in hook_feeds_parser_sources_alter().


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