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AdvancedExampleMigration abstract class migrate/migrate_example/ Abstract intermediate class holding common settings.
BasicExampleMigration abstract class migrate/migrate_example/ To define a migration process from a set of source data to a particular kind of Drupal object (for example, a specific node type), you define a class derived from Migration. You must define a constructor to initialize your migration object.
Bean class bean/includes/ The Bean entity class
BeanAccess class bean/bean.test This should test the access to beans
BeanCustom class bean/bean_admin_ui/plugins/BeanCustom.class.php DO NOT USE THIS BEAN. ONLY USED FOR THE UI PLUGINS
BeanDefault class bean/plugins/BeanDefault.class.php
BeanEntityAPIController class bean/includes/
BeanException class bean/includes/
BeanInlineEntityFormController class bean/includes/
BeanIntegrationTests class bean/bean.test Integration Tests
BeanMetadataController class bean/includes/ Extend the defaults.
BeanPlugin abstract class bean/plugins/BeanPlugin.class.php
BeanPluginWrong class bean/tests/bean_test.module
BeanSetup abstract class bean/bean.test
BeanTestPlugin class bean/tests/bean_test.module
BeanTestPlugins class bean/bean.test Test the API
BeanTests class bean/bean.test
BeanTypePluginInterface interface bean/includes/ Interface for Plugin Classes
BeanUnitTests class bean/bean.test Test specific parts of the bean type class
BeerCommentMigration class migrate/migrate_example/ Import items from the migrate_example_beer_comment table and make them into Drupal comment objects.
BeerNodeMigration class migrate/migrate_example/ The BeerNodeMigration uses the migrate_example_beer_node table as source and creates Drupal nodes of type 'Beer' as destination.
BeerTermMigration class migrate/migrate_example/ There are four essential components to set up in your constructor: $this->source - An instance of a class derived from MigrateSource, this will feed data to the migration. $this->destination - An instance of a class derived from…
BeerUserMigration class migrate/migrate_example/ And that's it for the BeerTerm migration! For a simple migration, all you have to do is define the source, the destination, and mappings between the two - to import the data you simply do: drush migrate-import BeerTerm
BlockAdminThemeTestCase class mongodb/mongodb_block_ui/mongodb_block_ui.test Test the block system with admin themes.
BlockCacheTestCase class mongodb/mongodb_block_ui/mongodb_block_ui.test Test block caching.
BlockTestCase class mongodb/mongodb_block_ui/mongodb_block_ui.test
custom_formatters_ui class custom_formatters/plugins/export_ui/custom_formatters_ui.class.php
DateAPITestCase class date/tests/date_api.test
DateExampleMigration class date/date_migrate/date_migrate_example/ Migration class to test import of various date fields.
DateFieldBasic abstract class date/tests/date_field.test @file Basic functions for Date tests.
DateFieldTestCase class date/tests/date_field.test
DateMigrateExampleUnitTest class date/tests/date_migrate.test Test date migration.
DateMigrateFieldHandler class date/
DateObject class date/date_api/date_api.module Extend PHP DateTime class with granularity handling, merge functionality and slightly more flexible initialization parameters.
DateRepeatFormTestCase class date/date_repeat/tests/date_repeat_form.test
DateRepeatTestCase class date/date_repeat/tests/date_repeat.test
DateTimezoneTestCase class date/tests/date_timezone.test @file Timezone tests.
DateToolsTestCase class date/date_tools/tests/date_tools.test
DateUITestCase class date/tests/date.test
DateValidationTestCase class date/tests/date_validation.test @file Date validation tests.
DateViewsPopupTestCase class date/tests/date_views_popup.test
date_context_date_condition class date/date_context/plugins/
date_sql_handler class date/date_api/
date_views_argument_handler class date/date_views/includes/
date_views_argument_handler_simple class date/date_views/includes/
date_views_filter_handler class date/date_views/includes/
date_views_filter_handler_simple class date/date_views/includes/
date_views_plugin_pager class date/date_views/includes/
develCase class devel/develDrushTest.php
DevelGenerateTest class devel/devel_generate/devel_generate.test class DevelGenerateTest


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