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Namesort descending Location Description
_entity_defaults_rebuild entity/entity.module Actually rebuild the defaults of a given entity type.
_entity_entitycache_get_module_info entity/entity.install Helper to fetch entity info about entity types that use caching.
_entity_info_add_metadata entity/entity.module Adds metadata and callbacks for core entities to the entity info.
_entity_metadata_convert_schema_type entity/
_entity_metadata_core_modules entity/
_entity_modules_get_default_types entity/entity.module Gets all entity types for which defaults are provided by the $modules.
_entity_token_get_token entity/ Gets the token replacement by correctly obeying the options.
_entity_token_map_to_token_type entity/ Gets the right token type for a given property info array.
_entity_token_wrap_data entity/ Wraps the given data by correctly obeying the options.
_entity_views_field_identifier entity/views/ Helper function for creating valid Views field identifiers out of data selectors.


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