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_entity_views_field_identifier entity/views/ Helper function for creating valid Views field identifiers out of data selectors.
_entity_token_wrap_data entity/ Wraps the given data by correctly obeying the options.
_entity_token_map_to_token_type entity/ Gets the right token type for a given property info array.
_entity_token_get_token entity/ Gets the token replacement by correctly obeying the options.
_entity_modules_get_default_types entity/entity.module Gets all entity types for which defaults are provided by the $modules.
_entity_metadata_core_modules entity/
_entity_metadata_convert_schema_type entity/
_entity_info_add_metadata entity/entity.module Adds metadata and callbacks for core entities to the entity info.
_entity_entitycache_get_module_info entity/entity.install Helper to fetch entity info about entity types that use caching.
_entity_defaults_rebuild entity/entity.module Actually rebuild the defaults of a given entity type.
theme_entity_ui_overview_item entity/includes/ Returns HTML for an entity on the entity overview listing.
theme_entity_status entity/theme/ Themes the exportable status of an entity.
theme_entity_property entity/theme/ Returns HTML for an entity property.
template_process_entity_property entity/theme/ Theme process function for theme_entity_property().
template_preprocess_entity_property entity/theme/ Theme preprocess function for theme_entity_property().
template_preprocess_entity entity/theme/ Process variables for entity.tpl.php.
hook_entity_views_field_handlers_alter entity/entity.api.php Alter the handlers used by the data selection tables provided by this module.
hook_entity_property_info_alter entity/entity.api.php Allow modules to alter metadata about entity properties.
hook_entity_property_info entity/entity.api.php Allow modules to define metadata about entity properties.
entity_views_table_definition entity/views/ Helper function for getting data selection based entity Views table definitions.
entity_views_plugins entity/views/ Implements hook_views_plugins().
entity_views_get_field_handlers entity/views/
entity_views_field_definition entity/views/ Helper function for adding a Views field definition to data selection based Views tables.
entity_views_data entity/views/ Implements hook_views_data().
entity_views_api entity/entity.module Implements hook_views_api().
entity_view entity/entity.module Generate an array for rendering the given entities.
entity_var_json_export entity/entity.module Export a variable in pretty formatted JSON.
entity_var_export entity/entity.module Export a variable. Copied from ctools.
entity_update_7003 entity/entity.install Create cache tables for entities that support Entity cache module.
entity_update_7002 entity/entity.install Clear caches and rebuild registry.
entity_update_7001 entity/entity.install Remove the deprecated 'entity_defaults_built' variable.
entity_update_7000 entity/entity.install The entity API modules have been merged into a single module.
entity_ui_validate_machine_name entity/includes/ Validation callback for machine names of exportables.
entity_ui_overview_form entity/includes/ Form builder function for the overview form.
entity_ui_operation_form entity/includes/ Form builder for the entity operation form.
entity_ui_main_form_defaults entity/includes/ Form wrapper the main entity form.
entity_ui_get_page_title entity/entity.module Gets the page title for the passed operation.
entity_ui_get_form entity/entity.module A wrapper around drupal_get_form() that helps building entity forms.
entity_ui_get_bundle_add_form entity/entity.module Page callback to add an entity of a specific bundle.
entity_ui_get_action_title entity/entity.module Gets the page/menu title for local action operations.
entity_ui_form_submit_build_entity entity/includes/ Submit builder for the main entity form, which extracts the form values and updates the entity.
entity_ui_form_defaults entity/includes/ Form wrapper callback for all entity ui forms.
entity_ui_entity_page_view entity/entity.module Page callback for viewing an entity.
entity_ui_controller_form_validate entity/includes/ Validation callback for forms implemented by the UI controller.
entity_ui_controller_form_submit entity/includes/ Submit callback for forms implemented by the UI controller.
entity_ui_controller entity/entity.module Determines the UI controller class for a given entity type.
entity_ui_clone_entity entity/includes/ Clones the entity object and makes sure it will get saved as new entity.
entity_ui_bundle_add_page entity/entity.module Page callback to show links to add an entity of a specific bundle.
entity_type_supports entity/entity.module Determines whether for the given entity type a given operation is available.
entity_type_is_fieldable entity/entity.module Checks whether an entity type is fieldable.


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