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File namesort descending Location Namespace Description entity/modules/ Provides info about book nodes. entity/modules/ Provides various callbacks for the whole core module integration. entity/modules/ Provides info about the comment entity.
entity.api.php entity/entity.api.php Hooks provided by the entity API. entity/includes/ Provides a controller building upon the core controller but providing more features like full CRUD functionality. entity/ Provides Features integration for entity types using the CRUD API. entity/ Internationalization (i18n) integration. entity/includes/ Provides a base class for entities. entity/ name = Entity API description = Enables modules to work with any entity type and to provide entities. core = 7.x files[] = files[] = files[] = files[] = files[] = entity.test files[]… entity/ Provides basic entity property info for entities provided via the CRUD API, as well as property info for all entity types defined by core. For that the respective modules/ files are included.
entity.install entity/entity.install Install file for the entity API.
entity.module entity/entity.module Module file for the entity API. entity/includes/ Provides API functions around hook_entity_property_info(). Also see, which cares for providing entity property info for all core entity types. entity/ Provides Rules integration for entities provided via the CRUD API.
entity.test entity/entity.test Entity CRUD API tests.
entity.theme.css entity/theme/entity.theme.css .entity-property-label { font-weight: bold; } entity/theme/ Holds entity module's theme functions.
entity.tpl.php entity/theme/entity.tpl.php Default theme implementation for entities. entity/includes/ Provides a controller for building an entity overview form. entity/views/ Provide views data for modules making use of the entity CRUD API. entity/includes/ Provides wrappers allowing easy usage of the entity metadata. entity/tests/ name = Entity feature module description = Provides some entities in code. version = VERSION core = 7.x files[] = entity_feature.module dependencies[] = entity_test hidden = TRUE
entity_feature.module entity/tests/entity_feature.module Test module providing some entities in code. entity/tests/ name = Entity CRUD test module description = Provides entity types based upon the CRUD API. version = VERSION core = 7.x files[] = entity_test.module files[] = entity_test.install dependencies[] = entity hidden = TRUE
entity_test.install entity/tests/entity_test.install Install, update and uninstall functions for the entity_test module.
entity_test.module entity/tests/entity_test.module Test moduel for the entity API. entity/tests/ name = Entity-test type translation description = Allows translating entity-test types. dependencies[] = entity_test dependencies[] = i18n_string package = Multilingual - Internationalization core = 7.x hidden = TRUE
entity_test_i18n.module entity/tests/entity_test_i18n.module Entity-test i18n integration module via entity API i18n support. entity/ name = Entity tokens description = Provides token replacements for all properties that have no tokens and are known to the entity API. core = 7.x files[] = files[] = entity_token.module dependencies[] = entity
entity_token.module entity/entity_token.module Module file for the entity tokens module. Drupal needs this file. entity/ Provides tokens for entity properties which have no token yet. entity/ctools/content_types/ Content type plugin to expose rendered entities, view mode configuration still available.
entity_views_example_query.php entity/views/entity_views_example_query.php Contains an example for a Views query plugin that could use the data selection tables. entity/views/handlers/ Contains the EntityFieldHandlerHelper class. entity/views/handlers/ Renders a full entity in a views area. entity/views/handlers/ Contains the entity_views_handler_field_boolean class. entity/views/handlers/ Contains the entity_views_handler_field_date class. entity/views/handlers/ Contains the entity_views_handler_field_duration class. entity/views/handlers/ Contains the entity_views_handler_field_entity class. entity/views/handlers/ Contains the entity_views_handler_field_field class. entity/views/handlers/ Contains the entity_views_handler_field_numeric class. entity/views/handlers/ Contains the entity_views_handler_field_options class. entity/views/handlers/ Contains the entity_views_handler_field_text class. entity/views/handlers/ Contains the entity_views_handler_field_uri class. entity/views/handlers/ Contains the entity_views_handler_relationship class. entity/views/handlers/ Contains the entity_views_handler_relationship_by_bundle class. entity/views/plugins/ Row style plugin for displaying the results as entities. entity/modules/ Provides info for fields. entity/modules/ Provides locale-related properties. entity/modules/ Provides info about the node entity.


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