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example.profile documentation/developer/example.profile
globals.php documentation/developer/globals.php These are the global variables that Drupal uses.
index.php documentation/developer/index.php
Form API Reference documentation/developer/topics/forms_api_reference.html Form API Reference
README.txt documentation/marketing/banners/README.txt You can use the spotlight-template.* files when creating a new spotlight banner for the homepage of (Note you will need to remove the trailing .txt in order to open the zip files.) If you do not use one of the templates, these are the… documentation/marketing/banners/ Non-displayable characters. documentation/marketing/banners/ Non-displayable characters.
text.txt documentation/marketing/booklets/handout_2/text.txt (Left column) CMS - bells, whistles and maybe bagpipes Drupal provides a rich toolset to allow you to manage the content on your website. It goes beyond the capabilities of most content management systems (CMS) however by enabling you to define…
notes.txt documentation/marketing/presentations/cck-amsterdam-oct-2005/notes.txt 01. Title 02. Where did CCK come from? 2 people with 2 ideas 03.* John VanDyk 04.* clouseau 05. Metadata Framework 06.* Jon Chaffer 07.* jonbob 08. Content Construction Kit 09. Two proposals 10. Merged 11.* Had a… documentation/marketing/presentations/ Non-displayable characters. documentation/marketing/presentations/ Non-displayable characters.
Simpletest Intro documentation/marketing/presentations/simpletest_intro/index.html Simpletest Intro
Wiki in Drupal documentation/marketing/presentations/wiki_in_drupal_moshe_sep_2006/wiki_drupal.html Wiki in Drupal
authorize.php drupal/authorize.php Administrative script for running authorized file operations.
CHANGELOG.txt drupal/CHANGELOG.txt Drupal 7.34, xxxx-xx-xx (development version) ----------------------- Drupal 7.33, 2014-11-07 ----------------------- - Began storing the file modification time of each module and theme in the {system} database table so that contributed modules can…
COPYRIGHT.txt drupal/COPYRIGHT.txt All Drupal code is Copyright 2001 - 2013 by the original authors. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2…
cron.php drupal/cron.php Handles incoming requests to fire off regularly-scheduled tasks (cron jobs). drupal/includes/ This is the actions engine for executing stored actions. drupal/includes/ Functions for use with Drupal's Ajax framework. drupal/includes/ Shared classes and interfaces for the archiver system. drupal/includes/ Helper functions and form handlers used for the authorize.php script. drupal/includes/ Batch processing API for processes to run in multiple HTTP requests. drupal/includes/ Queue handlers used by the Batch API. drupal/includes/ Functions that need to be loaded on every Drupal request. drupal/includes/ Provides a stub cache implementation to be used during installation. drupal/includes/ Functions and interfaces for cache handling. drupal/includes/ Common functions that many Drupal modules will need to reference. drupal/includes/database/ Core systems for the database layer. drupal/includes/database/ Logging classes for the database layer. drupal/includes/database/mysql/ Database interface code for MySQL database servers. drupal/includes/database/mysql/ Installation code for MySQL embedded database engine. drupal/includes/database/mysql/ Query code for MySQL embedded database engine. drupal/includes/database/mysql/ Database schema code for MySQL database servers. drupal/includes/database/pgsql/ Database interface code for PostgreSQL database servers. drupal/includes/database/pgsql/ Install functions for PostgreSQL embedded database engine. drupal/includes/database/pgsql/ Query code for PostgreSQL embedded database engine. drupal/includes/database/pgsql/ Database schema code for PostgreSQL database servers. drupal/includes/database/pgsql/ Select builder for PostgreSQL database engine. drupal/includes/database/ Database interface code for engines that need complete control over their result sets. For example, SQLite will prefix some column names by the name of the table. We post-process the data, by renaming the column names using the same convention as… drupal/includes/database/ Non-specific Database query code. Used by all engines. drupal/includes/database/ Generic Database schema code. drupal/includes/database/ drupal/includes/database/sqlite/ Database interface code for SQLite embedded database engine. drupal/includes/database/sqlite/ SQLite specific install functions drupal/includes/database/sqlite/ Query code for SQLite embedded database engine. drupal/includes/database/sqlite/ Database schema code for SQLite databases. drupal/includes/database/sqlite/ Select builder for SQLite embedded database engine. drupal/includes/ Initializes the list of date formats and their locales. drupal/includes/ drupal/includes/ Functions for error handling.


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