public function SearchQuery::executeFirstPass

7.x public SearchQuery::executeFirstPass()

Executes the first pass query.

This can either be done explicitly, so that additional scores and conditions can be applied to the second pass query, or implicitly by addScore() or execute().

Return value

TRUE if search items exist, FALSE if not.

1 call to SearchQuery::executeFirstPass()
SearchQuery::execute in drupal/modules/search/
Executes the search.


drupal/modules/search/, line 354
Search query extender and helper functions.


Do a query on the full-text search index for a word or words.


public function executeFirstPass() {

  if (count($this->words) == 0) {
    form_set_error('keys', format_plural(variable_get('minimum_word_size', 3), 'You must include at least one positive keyword with 1 character or more.', 'You must include at least one positive keyword with @count characters or more.'));
    return FALSE;
  if ($this->expressionsIgnored) {
    drupal_set_message(t('Your search used too many AND/OR expressions. Only the first @count terms were included in this search.', array('@count' => variable_get('search_and_or_limit', 7))), 'warning');
  $this->executedFirstPass = TRUE;

  if (!empty($this->words)) {
    $or = db_or();
    foreach ($this->words as $word) {
      $or->condition('i.word', $word);
  // Build query for keyword normalization.
  $this->join('search_total', 't', 'i.word = t.word');
  $this->condition('i.type', $this->type)->groupBy('i.type')->groupBy('i.sid')->having('COUNT(*) >= :matches', array(':matches' => $this->matches));

  // Clone the query object to do the firstPass query;
  $first = clone $this->query;

  // For complex search queries, add the LIKE conditions to the first pass query.
  if (!$this->simple) {
    $first->join('search_dataset', 'd', 'i.sid = d.sid AND i.type = d.type');

  // Calculate maximum keyword relevance, to normalize it.
  $first->addExpression('SUM(i.score * t.count)', 'calculated_score');
  $this->normalize = $first->range(0, 1)->orderBy('calculated_score', 'DESC')->execute()->fetchField();

  if ($this->normalize) {
    return TRUE;
  return FALSE;