function theme_filter_tips_more_info

7.x filter.module theme_filter_tips_more_info()
5.x filter.module theme_filter_tips_more_info()
6.x filter.module theme_filter_tips_more_info()

Returns HTML for a link to the more extensive filter tips.

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filter_process_format in drupal/modules/filter/filter.module
Expands an element into a base element with text format selector attached.
filter_theme in drupal/modules/filter/filter.module
Implements hook_theme().


drupal/modules/filter/filter.module, line 1196
Framework for handling the filtering of content.


function theme_filter_tips_more_info() {
  return '<p>' . l(t('More information about text formats'), 'filter/tips', array('attributes' => array('target' => '_blank'))) . '</p>';