function _text_sanitize

7.x text.module _text_sanitize($instance, $langcode, $item, $column)

Sanitizes the 'value' or 'summary' data of a text value.

Depending on whether the field instance uses text processing, data is run through check_plain() or check_markup().


$instance: The instance definition.

$langcode: The language associated to $item.

$item: The field value to sanitize.

$column: The column to sanitize (either 'value' or 'summary').

Return value

The sanitized string.

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drupal/modules/field/modules/text/text.module, line 315
Defines simple text field types.


function _text_sanitize($instance, $langcode, $item, $column) {
  // If the value uses a cacheable text format, text_field_load() precomputes
  // the sanitized string.
  if (isset($item["safe_$column"])) {
    return $item["safe_$column"];
  return $instance['settings']['text_processing'] ? check_markup($item[$column], $item['format'], $langcode) : check_plain($item[$column]);