function aggregator_element_end

7.x aggregator_element_end($parser, $name)
5.x aggregator.module aggregator_element_end($parser, $name)
6.x aggregator.module aggregator_element_end($parser, $name)

Performs an action when a closing tag is encountered.

Callback function used by xml_parse() within aggregator_parse_feed().

1 string reference to 'aggregator_element_end'
aggregator_parse_feed in drupal/modules/aggregator/
Parses a feed and stores its items.


drupal/modules/aggregator/, line 222
Parser functions for the aggregator module.


function aggregator_element_end($parser, $name) {
  global $element;

  switch ($name) {
    case 'image':
    case 'textinput':
    case 'item':
    case 'entry':
    case 'info':
      $element = '';
    case 'id':
    case 'content':
      if ($element == $name) {
        $element = '';