function theme_aggregator_page_opml

7.x theme_aggregator_page_opml($variables)
6.x theme_aggregator_page_opml($feeds)
8.x theme_aggregator_page_opml($variables)

Prints the OPML page for the feed.


$variables: An associative array containing:

  • feeds: An array of the feeds to theme.

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Page callback: Generates an OPML representation of all feeds.
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drupal/modules/aggregator/, line 500
User page callbacks for the Aggregator module.


function theme_aggregator_page_opml($variables) {
  $feeds = $variables['feeds'];

  drupal_add_http_header('Content-Type', 'text/xml; charset=utf-8');

  $output = "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?>\n";
  $output .= "<opml version=\"1.1\">\n";
  $output .= "<head>\n";
  $output .= '<title>' . check_plain(variable_get('site_name', 'Drupal')) . "</title>\n";
  $output .= '<dateModified>' . gmdate(DATE_RFC2822, REQUEST_TIME) . "</dateModified>\n";
  $output .= "</head>\n";
  $output .= "<body>\n";
  foreach ($feeds as $feed) {
    $output .= '<outline text="' . check_plain($feed->title) . '" xmlUrl="' . check_url($feed->url) . "\" />\n";
  $output .= "</body>\n";
  $output .= "</opml>\n";

  print $output;