function db_field_set_default

7.x db_field_set_default($table, $field, $default)
6.x db_field_set_default(&$ret, $table, $field, $default)
6.x db_field_set_default(&$ret, $table, $field, $default)
8.x db_field_set_default($table, $field, $default)

Sets the default value for a field.


$table: The table to be altered.

$field: The field to be altered.

$default: Default value to be set. NULL for 'default NULL'.

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1 call to db_field_set_default()
SchemaTestCase::testSchema in drupal/modules/simpletest/tests/schema.test


drupal/includes/database/, line 2902
Core systems for the database layer.


function db_field_set_default($table, $field, $default) {
  return Database::getConnection()->schema()->fieldSetDefault($table, $field, $default);