function language_default

7.x language_default($property = NULL)
6.x language_default($property = NULL)
8.x language_default()

Default language used on the site


$property: Optional property of the language object to return

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drupal/includes/, line 1311
Functions that need to be loaded on every Drupal request.


function language_default($property = NULL) {
  $language = variable_get('language_default', (object) array('language' => 'en', 'name' => 'English', 'native' => 'English', 'direction' => 0, 'enabled' => 1, 'plurals' => 0, 'formula' => '', 'domain' => '', 'prefix' => '', 'weight' => 0, 'javascript' => ''));
  return $property ? $language->$property : $language;