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Updater class drupal/includes/ Base class for Updaters used in Drupal.
UpdaterException class drupal/includes/ Exception class for the Updater class hierarchy.
UpdaterFileTransferException class drupal/includes/ Child class of UpdaterException that indicates a FileTransfer exception.
BatchQueue class drupal/includes/ Defines a batch queue.
BatchMemoryQueue class drupal/includes/ Defines a batch queue for non-progressive batches.
DatabaseTasks abstract class drupal/includes/ Database installer structure.
DatabaseTaskException class drupal/includes/ Exception thrown if the database installer fails.
ThemeRegistry class drupal/includes/ Builds the run-time theme registry.
PagerDefault class drupal/includes/ Query extender for pager queries.
DrupalFakeCache class drupal/includes/ Defines a stub cache implementation to be used during installation.
DrupalDatabaseCache class drupal/includes/ Defines a default cache implementation.
DrupalCacheArray abstract class drupal/includes/ Provides a caching wrapper to be used in place of large array structures.
SchemaCache class drupal/includes/ Extends DrupalCacheArray to allow for dynamic building of the schema cache.
DrupalLocalStreamWrapper abstract class drupal/includes/ Drupal stream wrapper base class for local files.
DrupalPublicStreamWrapper class drupal/includes/ Drupal public (public://) stream wrapper class.
DrupalPrivateStreamWrapper class drupal/includes/ Drupal private (private://) stream wrapper class.
DrupalTemporaryStreamWrapper class drupal/includes/ Drupal temporary (temporary://) stream wrapper class.
TableSort class drupal/includes/ Query extender class for tablesort queries.
DrupalDefaultEntityController class drupal/includes/ Default implementation of DrupalEntityControllerInterface.
EntityFieldQueryException class drupal/includes/ Exception thrown by EntityFieldQuery() on unsupported query syntax.
EntityFieldQuery class drupal/includes/ Retrieves entities matching a given set of conditions.
EntityMalformedException class drupal/includes/ Defines an exception thrown when a malformed entity is passed.
DrupalUpdateException class drupal/includes/ @class Exception class used to throw error if a module update fails.
TaxonomyTermController class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Controller class for taxonomy terms.
TaxonomyVocabularyController class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Controller class for taxonomy vocabularies.
TaxonomyWebTestCase class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Provides common helper methods for Taxonomy module tests.
TaxonomyVocabularyFunctionalTest class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Tests the taxonomy vocabulary interface.
TaxonomyVocabularyTestCase class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Tests for taxonomy vocabulary functions.
TaxonomyTermFunctionTestCase class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Unit tests for taxonomy term functions.
TaxonomyLegacyTestCase class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Test for legacy node bug.
TaxonomyTermTestCase class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Tests for taxonomy term functions.
TaxonomyRSSTestCase class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Tests the rendering of term reference fields in RSS feeds.
TaxonomyTermIndexTestCase class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Tests the hook implementations that maintain the taxonomy index.
TaxonomyLoadMultipleTestCase class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Test the taxonomy_term_load_multiple() function.
TaxonomyHooksTestCase class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Tests for taxonomy hook invocation.
TaxonomyTermFieldTestCase class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Tests for taxonomy term field and formatter.
TaxonomyTermFieldMultipleVocabularyTestCase class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Tests a taxonomy term reference field that allows multiple vocabularies.
TaxonomyTokenReplaceTestCase class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Test taxonomy token replacement in strings.
TaxonomyThemeTestCase class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Tests for verifying that taxonomy pages use the correct theme.
TaxonomyEFQTestCase class drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test Tests the functionality of EntityFieldQuery for taxonomy entities.
TrackerTest class drupal/modules/tracker/tracker.test Defines a base class for testing tracker.module.
FieldValidationException class drupal/modules/field/ Exception thrown by field_attach_validate() on field validation errors.
FieldException class drupal/modules/field/field.module Base class for all exceptions thrown by Field API functions.
FieldUpdateForbiddenException class drupal/modules/field/field.module Exception class thrown by hook_field_update_forbid().
FieldInfo class drupal/modules/field/ Provides field and instance definitions for the current runtime environment.
UpdateTestHelper class drupal/modules/update/update.test Defines some shared functions used by all update tests.
UpdateCoreTestCase class drupal/modules/update/update.test Tests behavior related to discovering and listing updates to Drupal core.
UpdateTestContribCase class drupal/modules/update/update.test Tests behavior related to handling updates to contributed modules and themes.
UpdateTestUploadCase class drupal/modules/update/update.test Tests project upload and extract functionality.
UpdateCoreUnitTestCase class drupal/modules/update/update.test Tests update functionality unrelated to the database.


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