Domain hook functions

  1. 7.x-3.x domain/domain.api.php domain_hooks
  2. 7.x-2.x domain/domain.api.php domain_hooks
  3. 6.x domain/API.php domain_hooks

Core hooks for the Domain module suite.


Namesort descending Location Description
hook_domain_batch domain/domain.api.php Allows modules to expose batch editing functions.
hook_domain_conf domain/domain.api.php Allows modules to add additional form elements for saving as domain-specific settings. Note that this is a "convenience function" to use in place of hook_form_alter(), so you may use either. Versions prior to 7.x.3 are not complete…
hook_domain_cron domain/domain.api.php Enables Domain Access modules to fire cron hooks across all active domains.
hook_domain_delete domain/domain.api.php Notify other modules that we have deleted a domain.
hook_domain_insert domain/domain.api.php Notify other modules that we have created a new domain.
hook_domain_install domain/domain.api.php Some Domain modules require that settings.php be edited to add additional files during the bootstrap process.
hook_domain_load domain/domain.api.php Notifies other modules that we are loading a domain record from the database.
hook_domain_nav domain/domain.api.php Enables modules to add additional parameters to the $domain array for use by the Domain Navigation module.
hook_domain_path domain/domain.api.php Allows modules to alter path when rewriting URLs.
hook_domain_update domain/domain.api.php Notify other modules that we have updated a domain.
hook_domain_warning domain/domain.api.php Allows a warning message to be printed when entering specific forms that may have values that vary on each domain.


Namesort descending Location Description
domain.api.php domain/domain.api.php API documentation file.


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API documentation file.